Class book Family and Friends 5

Class book Family and Friends 5
Listen and read what is ben,s hobby
ben has had woodwork lessons since he was eight he goes to lessons every tuesday and thursday
after chool he ’s very good
he,s worked on this wooden table for two weeks
ask and answer use the prompts or your own answers
is’s show time
find the words in the play script to match the pictures
professor chip ..I’m professor I invent lot I work
every day of different things I’m
Class book Family and Friends 5
making a robot today I work every day so invented chip
to help me in the lab and house he’s washing
the dishes now I help professor
the dishes are clean chip you broke all the dishes .
.what does time do on monday?
he watches tv on mondays
..what did he do last sundy?he listend to music last sundy
what is he doing now?he’s washing the car now.
..rewrite the sentences with the correct punctuation ..mario is from madrid name is helen she said ..
.my favourite sports are football tennis and basketball

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