SuperGoal 3 Book حل كتاب ثاني متوسط ف1

a.Students,especiallychildren, have fun
learning through online activities and games.
b.For instance, you can watch the news in
French, read an article in Arabic, or listen to alesson in Spanish.
c.Students do not have to spend hours in a
librarybecausethey have an electronic libraryat home or school.
d.What better way to help students understand
subjectssuch asgeography or science.
e.Some language students,for example,
learn on their own from websites, and othersconnect with their teacher online with thehelp of a webcam.
f.Students can make use of references
likeonline dictionaries, thesauruses, andencyclopedias.
SuperGoal 3 Unit 1 – 4
Lee Yungis a graphic designer. He works for anadvertising firm. Lee produces advertisementsand designs Web pages. He thinks his job is verystressful. He has a lot of deadlines. He needs tocomplete designs in a short time.
Yousef Qassimis an engineer.He works for a constructioncompany. The company buildsroads and bridges. Yousef is agood executive, and he hopes tobe the president of the companyone day.

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