Work book Family and Friends 4

Work book Family and Friends 4
Listen to the story again and repeat
Read and learn
Speaking ask and answer about max amy holly and leo
choose foods you would like to buy ask and answer
Write about what you are going to do this weekend
Complete the sentences with
is that your coat Please put it
Please can you get the tomatoes out of the fridge and wash it them
harry is ill today
he usually palys football but today he’s reading
her usually eats a sandwich but today he’s eating bowl of soup
he usually does his homeworks but today he’s staying in bed
..he usually dirnks a glass of milk but today he’s taking medicine
..rite sentences using the present simple and presnt continuous
right now ,,,sally is plaing volleyball right
using the words above
Work book Family and Friends 4
this hotvegetable is green or red chulli
fuul is made from these beans
they are green or black they are used to make oilves oil
,,you find in cereals and mexican tortiillas corn
,,they are rounf and flat pancakes

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